• Placement Committee

It takes up the role of facilitator between potential employers and students. It ensures that the students get information on companies and sectors of their interest. The committee also makes pitches to new companies and makes them aware of the rapid developments happening in our institute. Guest lectures and Industry Interface Sessions are hosted by the committee. It also ensures that the students get the Summer Internship Programme in excellent companies on projects that provide good exposure and learning.

The Institute’s placements activities are co-ordinated by a committee comprising elected student representatives and a faculty member as the Placement Co-ordinator. It acts as a liaising agency between the Institute and the organization to successfully complete the recruitment procedure. All communication regarding summer and Executive recruitment has to be routed through the Placement Committee.

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  • Web Committee

The Web Committee is the virtual face of AIM to the outside world. It acts as an interface between students, committees, faculty, corporate and alumni. It is responsible for keeping the brand name of AIM alive in the minds of the stakeholders. The mission of the Web Committee is to innovate, develop and maintain the external and internal interface. The Web Committee at AIM is responsible conceptualizing and maintaining the official institute website. The institute official website was revamped in 2010.

The website contains information about the vision/mission of the institute, the various courses offered, the admission process, the student’s quality, activities and their achievements, the placement reports, the infrastructure information and a news flash section depicting the current happenings at the institute. The Web Committee is responsible for the conceptualisation, development, deployment and maintenance of AIM Intranet ‘AIMBuzz’. The various features offered in AIMBuzz are an online discussion forum, blogs, central repository, newsletters, live feeds, platform to interact with the alumni, batch schedule and private messaging. One of the most important and critical function of Web Committee is enabling placement process in coordination with the Placement Committee. It has performed a task with great efficiency and responsiveness to the ever challenging needs of the placement process. The Committee continues its IT related activities by maintaining the official mail IDs of all the officers and committees. All official communication from the outside world to the other committees is passed through the Web Committee. The maintenance of the Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi) Infrastructure in the institute is the responsibility of the Web Committee. It has developed a Wi-Fi Management Module to ensure proper maintenance of Wi-Fi infrastructure by future Web Committee. The Committee is also responsible for the maintenance of the Computer Centre and the overall IT infrastructure of the institute. It also provides technical support to the faculty and the student fraternity at AIM.

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  • Strategym Committee

Ideas, Innovations, Solutions … three words which will impact the way corporate decision making is seen in the industry today. That’s what Strategym – the Annual Business Convention of AIM – is all about. It is about providing a whole new approach to the age old problem faced by the industry and bring about a paradigm shift in the way various business situations are perceived in a fast changing business arena.

To stimulate the acumen of students at AIM, giving participants a chance to apply knowledge and insights they have acquired from their business courses to a relevant industry problem or to a concrete context is the purpose of Strategym.

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  • Alumni Relationship Committee

The Committee forges the link between the institute and the Alumni of AIM Bhopal. It ensures that the Alumni are updated with the latest events on campus. The symbiotic relationship is nurtured through a host of initiatives taken by the Committee such as providing short-term projects to the students from the Alumni, formulating the Alumni Mentorship Plan where an Alumnus is selected to be playing the Corporate Mentor for a few students. The eminent Alumni are also called over to Campus for the annual events, occasions and guest lectures.

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  • Corporate Relations Committee

The Committee forges and maintains links between AIM Bhopal and International B Schools. It facilitates the students’ exchange programmes with various international partners

The Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) is the institute’s interface to the corporate world and media. Through its activities, CRC bridges the industry – academia gap by organizing corporate guest lectures, workshops and panel discussions. The CRC is also the media cell of AIM. All public relations activities on campus are carried out by CRC, which include press releases of various events on campus, placement reports, institute profile, and TV coverage. Through comprehensive reporting and coverage of all events and achievements of the institute, CRC works towards building the image AIM. Leveraging print, electronic, and online channels it enhances the visibility of the institute amongst corporates, alumni, and prospective students.

For any media queries and information on corporate workshops/guest lectures, please mail us at:

  •  Catalyst Forum

The Catalyst Forum attempts to bridge the gap between New Age Management thought and academic curriculum. The forum focuses on inculcating skills required for pragmatic thinking through a wide spectrum of events that form a part of student calendar in AIM.

The Forum acts as a catalyst for the junior batch students who join AIM in month of July through its various student development initiatives like paper presentations, quizzes and various simulation games. It is a platform to transform students from promising MBA aspirants into confident management students. It also takes the responsibility of conducting mock group discussions and personal interviews for junior batch students before they appear for summer internship interviews.

The Catalyst Forum is responsible for organizing the flagship inter B-school Event of Anand Institute of Management Prabhav. This event is unique as it gives the students of AIM to not only compete with students from top B-school across the India but also with corporates from leading companies. Prabhav tests the acumen of students in all management fields with events such as Case Studies, Simulation Games, B-plans, Online games, Paper presentation contests and many other management games..

This Forum continues its student development activities in the placement season by arranging personal interviews for senior batch students from the respected alumni of this institute in the fields like Consulting, Investment Banking, FMCG, Banking, HR, Operations and IT etc as per the requirement of the students. The students greatly benefit from these sessions as they can clear their apprehensions about their roles and responsibilities before they actually join their dream company. The forum also takes the responsibility of arranging economy, sector & company specific reports as per the requirement of senior batch students.

The Forum conducts another event ‘Business Tycoons’ where students from both batches compete against each other in management events to prove their supremacy on campus.

The Catalyst Forum keeps track of various activities happening in other B-schools and acts as one point contact facilitating participation in such activities.

The Forum is responsible for arranging the Fresher party for inducting the junior batch students and the Farewell party for the senior batch students to bid them with sweet memories of the institute.

The Forum thus acts as a Catalyst for students of Anand Institute of Management by availing host of facilities in this jet age.

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  • Students Academic Committee

The team of Students Academic Committee (SAC) forms the backbone of all activities in AIM. As the name suggests team SAC is the face of the batch and act as a single point of contact with the institute management, faculties and the students. The onus of academics falls on the SAC’s shoulder- right from scheduling lectures to assignments and projects. SAC not only represents the batch but have represented AIM at various events and levels.

The team also plays very important role in co-ordinating with other committees and assist them in all their activities. The team needs to carefully find a balance between extra curricular activities and academics at AIM.

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Entrepreneurs are the economic DNA needed to build competitiveness and innovation. The “entrepreneurial spirit” is not just a prerequisite for people thinking of starting their own business but is also becoming imperative for every individual who desires to make a mark in the corporate world. Realizing the need to foster and incorporate the entrepreneurial attitude within the management mould, the Entrepreneurship Cell of AIM was founded in January 2006. The vision is to cultivate and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit, a business thought-perspective and an enterprising attitude amongst AIM students and the community at large.

Since its inception, E-cell has successfully conducted several guest lectures and workshops by renowned entrepreneurs who shared their experiences with the students teaching them various entrepreneurial lessons. E-Cell is also involved in providing holistic consulting and research services to SMEs and NGOs. Active participation in these activities have equipped AIM students with a mix of theoretical and practical insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship propelling them towards considering entrepreneurship as a viable career opportunity in future.

Entrepreneurship can be exciting and rewarding, but it also involves risks and hard work. We, the team of E-Cell, Anand Institute of Management aim to prepare our students to win against all odds.

The following are the major activities under the purview of E-Cell :

  • Promote and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Create support systems necessary for business thought process.
  • Facilitate networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors.
  • Identify ideas and innovations which have potential for commercial ventures.
  • Carry out activities that facilitate knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship among AIM students.
  • Inculcate enterprising values in youth and encourage individuals to be socially responsible.

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  •  Media Committee

The interface between the Institute and the media, it is the responsibility of the media committee to ensure that there is a regular flow of information from the Institute to the press and the Public Forums. It also takes care of the internal communication flow.

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The Council assists the faculty in planning and executing the course curriculum. The council makes recommendations on introduction of new activities according to the needs of the ever changing business environment. By doing so, the council helps the institute in ensuring dynamism in academics. The council acts as an interface between the students and the faculty.  

  • Art & Culture
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Festival Celebration @ Campus