Research & Publication

About R & P

The Research and Publications Committee is responsible for the formulation of the overall policies governing the Institute’s research and publications activities. The Committee undertakes processing of research and publications proposals submitted by faculty members or referred to the Committee by the Institute and recommends financial and other forms of assistance for projects. The Committee would not only scrutinize and critically appraise proposals but also help researchers wherever possible with suggestions for improving their project proposals and plans.

The Chairman is responsible to the Director for the development of research activities at the Institute, including case research. He is expected to take initiative to stimulate research amongst the faculty, formulate and implement research policy, locate and negotiate with sponsors of research projects, develop research facilities, and plan budgets for research. 

The Research and Publications Committee prepares an Annual Report on the total research activity at the Institute during the year including case research and seminar research.

Research Activities

The diversity and depth of research and publications activity undertaken at the Institute is evident from the report. During the last year, faculty, published many journal articles/book chapters, and presented many papers, and gave some lectures at various conferences, seminars, and colloquia. The fact that 02 cases/technical notes were written during the year for use in various courses indicates the level of significance attached to the case method of teaching at the Institute.

Working Papers

  • Green Marketing: Significant & Challenges– Payasi Sanjay.
  • Managing Inflation by Fiscal & Non Fiscal Measures in India– Payasi Sanjay.
  • Simple Stress Management Solutions– Payasi Sanjay.
  • Consumer buying Behaviour Towards Cellular Phones in India– Payasi Sanjay.
  • Problems Faced by Western Firms in Indian Market– Payasi Sanjay.
  • Consumer Perception on Different Brands of LCD TV– Payasi Sanjay.
  • A Study of Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Mobile Pre Paid Products and Handset Models– Payasi Sanjay.
  • Impact of Advertisement on Children Behaviour : Evidence from India – Payasi Sanjay.