The Organization

The society “CENTER OF HUMAN INITIATIVE & EDUCATIONAL FURTHERANCE” was incorporated under M.P. Society Act, with the main object to open and run Technical Education colleges Collages of MCA, Business Management, Medical Education Colleges & Research Centre.

The society is a voluntary nonprofit social welfare & education organization comprising of founder members.

The affairs of the society are managed by an Executive council comprising of the Chairman and other members. The sources of funds are donated from members of the society, public noninterest bearing loans from members of the society and their families, members and fees, fee/collection from educational institutions.

Board of Directors

Sl.No. Name Position in the Board
1 Chairman
2 Vice Chairman
3 Secretary
4 Joint Secretary
5 Treasurer
6 Member
7 Member

Position in the


Board of Advisor

Under updation

Chairman’s Message

Anand institute of management is a vibrant and proactive management institute which Provides professionals business education, research, executive training and consultancy in management, there by fulfilling the contemporary needs of industry, business, government and society at large. 

We believe that an atmosphere of openness, Participation and fairness help to develop a conducive environment for growth and learning for our students. 

The institute has relentlessly indeavored to make its students confident, knowledgeable and self-sufficient. I am happy to learn that faculty members of the institute have made a mark in academic circles not only in the state but also in India. In retrospection when I look back, it gives me great satisfaction in seeing tangible evidence of growth. I am great full to all concerned institutions, industrial community and students who have confided in extending their wholehearted support. I wish all the best to colleagues, friends, students and everybody else who have been with us in our journey towards excellence.

I welcome each of you to visit AIM and be a part of journey to realise the true essence of education.

I wish all success & very bright and prosperous future for the student in their future endeavors.

(R. S. Choudhary)

Director’s Message

Our vision is to create future leaders who manage and create powerful organization in the emerging corporate landscape. The Curricula of all over Master of Business Administration programmeare industry oriented based on best global practices. Academic rig our is reflected in the course design and delivery of these programmes. Various pedagogic tools help our students develop not only a holistic business perspective but an ability to seize opportunities in a competitive business environment. At the same time, they remain committed towards the betterment of the society. 

Anand Institute of Management has added accolades to its credits. Aligning with the requirements of the global market, where the right set of knowledge, skills and attitudes is the key to meet the requirement of the globalised economy and the opportunities across the globe, Anand Institute of Management has nurtured its student not only for the corporate opportunities but also sensitized them to the important issues of global research. 

MBA (FT) 2 year programme is exclusively industry focused so as to equip the young business leaders and executives with latest managements techniques in the ever-dynamic context of domestic and international business environment. 

We have nationally acclaimed faculty members who bring forth right mix of industry academic experience. They are actively involved in their pursuit of creating and disseminating knowledge through teaching. Research and training. In Their endeavour to develop innovative business strategies they offer consulting services in inter-disciplinary areas to leading organizations. 

Thus we are committed towards creating a vibrant community of value creators for our country.
(Dr. Vijay Kumar Jain)