Mission & Vision


  • AIM will be a pre-eminent, multi-cultural, global business school. It will advance global management knowledge and practice, and will be sought after by Governments, Nongovernmental organizations, Multinational corporations, and the media for its expertise in forming persons for others, and with others.
  • AIM will develop leaders for global business with character, competence, and commitment who will make a difference to their organizations and to society at large.

Our Vision

We envision manifesting knowledge and shaping young minds towards creating socially responsible leaders committed to excellence.

Our Endeavor is to give the nation future educator with qualities of intellectual competence, commitment, character, diligence, discipline, dynamism, versatility and entrepreneurship. Thus the institution promises to impart holistic education and higher values thus making the nation builders technologically superior and ethically strong. To create an inclusive environment that promotes skills and intellect to contribute to unite nation-building and personal development.

Our Mission

  • To continuously innovate academic systems and processes to meet the demands of changing business environment and meaning of talent.
  • Provide an affordable opportunity for diverse group of students and other stakeholders to learn by synergizing education, research, innovation and outreach efforts.
  • To inculcate self-discipline, values, ethics and devotion to duty among the students to make them good citizens, leaders, professionals & entrepreneurs.
  • To develop the future business leaders through imparting high quality of analytical ability & decision making capability.


“Quality and Excellence in Education” at AIM bears witness to :-

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Ethics
  • Commitment
  • Values

To aid us in achieving our mission and vision we believe:

  • Education is an indispensable component of quality healthcare. 
  • Education is a dynamic, life long process that promotes and maximizes both personal and professional development. 
  • In being responsive to the educational needs of our students, the Healthcare Network, Department of Health Services and the community.
  • Learning activities that provide for freedom of inquiry, self discovery and sharing of ideas are conducive to individual growth.
  • The teaching-learning process is a reciprocal relationship between learner and teacher which maximizes learner autonomy and that teaching is effective when the learner demonstrates goal achievement.
  • The climate of learning is enhanced when the dignity and worth of individuals with different abilities, learning styles, support systems and cultural and ethnic backgrounds are recognized. 
  • In constantly evaluating our performance in and embracing change as programs grow; technology changes and new learning methods evolve. 
  • Teamwork promotes flexibility, collaboration, innovation, and networking. 
  • In treating each other, our students, our partners and the community with integrity, professionalism, and respect.
  • In functioning in a fiscally responsible manner, ensuring the maximum benefit.

Institute’s Logo: